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Aberdeen Telephone Systems Consultants...

Your business telephone system is a mission critical tool, so it’s imperative to install the best system for your business, not only for today, but for the next few years. We at Calsar will help you decide which setup is best for you. To get you thinking please consider the following points...

How Will Your Phone System Be Used? Is it just in Aberdeen or is it in multi-locations?

Before getting a new phone system, you’ll need to clearly assess your needs. Imagine a typical month at your office, and then consider a best-case scenario in terms of business activity today and over the next few years.

Points to consider before getting your new phone system

  • All inbound calls that occur
  • All outbound calls that occur

We can advise the best connection type to save on costs.

Types of Calls made from your new phone system

The kinds of phone calls that occur needs to be carefully considered, such as:

  • Individual, one-to-one phone calls, and how many people at your company make them.
  • Local, national long distance, and international calls.
  • Conference or group calls, such as those with your team and your client’s team, your entire sales team for a sales meeting, attendees to a webinar, etc.
  • Inbound calls during off hours, such as sales and customer service inquiries.
  • Inbound and outbound faxes, credit card terminals, etc.

Who Will Need a Phone and Where Will They Need Them?

You may be surprised to think about the different places in your office that you’ll want telephones and who will be using them. We can provide phone points anywhere you need them. For example...

  • Receptionist’s desk
  • Public areas, such as your lobby, waiting room, break room, hallway, etc.
  • Additional temporary, contract, or part-time employees
  • Guests, clients, partners
  • Fax machines
  • Credit card terminals, data ports
  • Conference rooms
  • Warehouse, storage room
  • Server room, etc.

Scalability of your new Calsar phone system

In addition to phone usage, you also want to consider how your phone system requirements might change over time, Our products are “future proof” and will scale with your needs.

Typical Calsar Phone System Features

Here are 10 typical phone features that most businesses use on an ongoing basis.Our phone systems have these features as standard.